At this age the sessions focus on the FUNdamentals of movement (agility, balance and coordination) through a variety of fun games
At this age we continue to build on the FUNdamentals, as well as introducing basic movement skills specific to basketball – catching, throwing, bouncing
At this age your child is more than ready to progress their movement skills. Our games will be a lot more focused on these skills – catching, throwing, dribbling, shooting
By this stage your child has a good foundation to build on and during our classes we will develop specific sport skills like dodging, marking and understanding the rules as well as continuing to build on their movement skills.
We offer afterschool classes for P1-7 and these are based around participation, having fun and developing their fundamental skills.

All of our classes run in term time. For the most up to date information get in touch or check out our Facebook Page.

Free Taster

We know how hard children can sometimes find new things, so we offer a free taster for you to see how your child gets on